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53298Re: Keep your problems to yourself

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Oct 1, 2010
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      Re: Keep your problems to yourself

      [ I would like thoughts on a real life situation that just came to my

      Ann and Bob have known each other for a very long time and live in the

      house with there bedrooms next to the other. This morning Bob told Ann
      he was

      calling out to her in helpless physical agony for help overnight. She
      told him

      that he should not had called out because the neighbors may had heard.
      She went

      on to say to him that she did not want to heard about his troubles or

      and said that Bob just complained to much. Then Ann said she did not
      want to

      hear any more of Bob's complaints. This really happened and I'd like

      feedback on it. Thank you.]

      Well mister or missus Pat, IF this story is true, although it sounds
      hardly credible, then one of three things spring to mind. 1. Ann had
      some very big problem of her own on her mind at that time. So much so
      that she cannot think about anything else right now. But her comment
      about the neighbours might hear would seem to rule this out. She could
      have got one of the neighbours to deal with it if she could not deal
      with it at that point herself.

      2. The thought of somebody being taken seriously ill might have just
      freaked her out, and that being her reaction to it. Fear results in some
      very strange actions and reactions. No accounting for some of them.

      3. If neither of the above two are applicable here then Ann is simply a
      very low tide human scumbag. For the reaction (not the cause of the
      reaction necessarily) was totally inhuman. One could of course ask her
      why she thinks that she reacted that way; and see what she had to say.
      The other question of course is as to if Bob was prone to doing this
      kind of thing and thence the old CRY WOLF syndrome kicked in. But even
      so, one could hardly take no action at all if somebody was in agony, and
      one can hear the difference. Therefore one would have to check it out.


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