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53292Reflecting on Memories and Essence Memory

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Sep 30, 2010
      Reflecting on Memories and Essence Memory

      […. Considering that it wasn't instantaneous, memory comes into
      play and there is an awareness of the different states ….. ]

      Memory is something that has always puzzled me, and still does. But then
      again most things do. But without memory one could not reflect back on
      things. Ever since I could remember things there was never a time when
      I did not enjoy taking some time out from other things and simply
      reflect upon memories. But obviously the older you are then the more of
      them there are to reflect upon, and especially if you have done many
      things and varied things over a long period of time (and no time).

      It is interesting also that one can remember them in two ways: one
      being in detail of a particular event; like a snapshot of an event in
      time and space ( or no Time); and the other being the essence of a
      period of time and various events, like a montage, like a surrealist
      painting or piece of music depicting an overall feeling of a quality,
      like an aura. Thus the Essence of a time period, as opposed to a
      single event.

      Funny thing you know, but different states of consciousness does not
      really bother me, nor even interest me that much; for they are all a
      part on ONE THING. It is the ONE THING which grabs me. But what does
      interest me is the overall effect of it; like a finished painting as
      opposed to the dots which comprise it. But that comes into play ONLY in
      memory and reflection. Not in any one event or series of events. It is
      not even applicable to any event as such, although it is built upon
      them having taken place. I have always said, and I do to this day, that
      the effect of experience is more important than this or that experience
      as an isolated event. There are two major effects as I have found it.
      One is for the Becoming Process and the other is for this complex thing
      called REFLECTION. Reflection isn't a thing, and it does not
      produce a thing, it produce and maintains a FEELING. I don't know
      if you know what I am talking about :- ) But I do. But it is hard to
      try and describe.

      I think perhaps the best way of doing it is to liken it to stepping
      outside of it all, all time and all events, and just live with the
      ESSENCE of it all. This happens whilst remembering things, but it
      isn't the remembering nor the things remembered, is it like an
      epiphenomenon riding above all that, beyond all that. And the resulting
      effect is simply that of an indefinable FEELING. A knowing which is
      not knowing THINGS and events but simply the synthesis of it all. And in
      a very strange way it kind of DEFINES everything. It rounds it all
      up. If you can follow my meaning.

      In a strange kind of way it is a bit like that feeling one has where
      time and space does not exist at all and one cannot remember anything
      at all, and yet it is different. In that one it is an Essence of No
      Created Thing; but in this `above it all' kind of reflection it
      is an essence of having known and remembered it all. In one sense one
      could say that these two things, these two states, are like the covers
      of a book. The beginning and the end. The before and the after.

      This is also why, or one of the reasons why, that I see that time is
      connected up in a loop, a triangular loop. In one arm of the triangle
      things are being directed, or rather pulled, in the beginning of time
      from the end of time. From the JOB DONE back to the JOB STARTING. Like
      a carrot on a string :- ) Like an attractive force or irresistible
      gravitational pull towards something.

      This is also one of the fascinating things about music, or the effect
      of it rather; or for me anyway, because a similar thing happens. Any
      given individual piece of music can whisk you back in time (in memory)
      to a very particular event in time. An event which may have only lasted
      a few moments or an hour or two. Whereas another piece of music can
      summon up the essence of a whole year or a whole decade, and without
      any particular event thereof and therein. Hence an essence of a period
      of time. And then lastly, or for me anyway, there are a few pieces of
      music which in essence sum up essences. That sounds daft doesn't
      it. But there you go, it works.

      I can give four simple examples; relating to four major aspects of
      life. For me these four pieces of music sum up and define these
      Essence things. Not in words but in feeling, and when standing above
      and beyond it all, in Reflection.

      1. The Fantasia on the Theme of Thomas Tallis; sums up the Cosmos of
      everything in the struggle to BECOME. It sums up Mysticism; in essence.
      No specific memory. But all of it.

      2. The Girl with the Flaxen Hair; Sums up the joy of love, in essence.
      No specific memory. But all of it.

      3. White Night: sums up the pain of love, in essence. No specific
      memory. But all of it.

      4. Symphony No Seven (Beethoven); Sums up the human battle between
      getting it right and getting it wrong, in essence. No specific memory.
      But all of it.

      This of course is also something which I have found interesting and
      fascinating for many years, yet what can one call it? One can only
      describe it as the Essence of an essence :- ) The Quality Factor of
      quality. It is like circles within circles isn't it. But without
      the experience of events then none of this could ever exist, and yet it
      is the best bit of all existence. TO BE and to KNOW IT. And above all
      to FEEL it. Is any of it bad and not wanted? No. For it is what the
      sum of it all IS, it is what the sum of it makes to be. It could not be
      what it is without any of it. Like a dialectical process through from
      not knowing to knowing. From nothing through to everything.

      Yes, I find memory to be mysterious, and the things remembered, and the
      Essence of it all. Actually there isn't anything which I don't
      find to be mysterious. But then again, if I had had an education and
      was smart like them then I would be smart and simply talking about why
      muslims and christians are killing each other, or the price of a new
      car. How stimulating eh. Do I find their conversations interesting?
      No. Tis enough to put one to sleep. And want to stay that way for a
      long time. If not for ever. It would be nice to take their hand and
      lead them out of such a dark restricting cave. But in the dark they
      cannot see the hand even. But I remember trying to :- ) Perhaps I will
      delete that bit from memory :- ) Oh well!

      IF, and I emphasis IF, you want mystical experience then try grabbing
      the Essences. And FEEL it all.


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