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52996A clearer view of the past

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  • William
    Sep 1, 2010
      I would like to talk about what the facts of this post mean philosophically. Nearly all religions have creation myths. Now we know they are just that ,myths. The main researcher in the Y chromosome marker study refuted a Najavo who wanted the inclusion of his peoples story and was angry it was called a myth. The scientist would not budge because what happned had nothing to do with springing from the earth or being created by a great spirit. That sort of priest fashoned mystacism is wrong and will be exposed as such. The proof is in our genes which are at the core of our existance. Now no sane person can cling to creation myths or creator gods.
      Certainly many will cling to the creation mysticism. It often glorifys their sect as it declares them a chosen people or the true line of humanity. All of that is just wrong. We all came from the same Homo Sapiens that came out of Africa nearly sixty thousand years ago. We evolved as prehominoids in Africa and our diverse sizes and colors are evolutionary changes caused by local factors. Sunlight,heat and cold,local chemical environment and diet have made us different. Genetically we are the same from the start and all share a common humanity.
      What separates us are beliefs that are grounded in nothing but myths. Slowly knowledge of that great truth will make us more survivable than the mystic hoarde. As a true knowledge of the past can force a better future, the people of knowledge will surpass the fools of faith. In the time of Darwin the existentialists began the break from the peoples of gods. Now we have very strong proof on our side and we should push our huge advantage. That could be the grand project that Sartre understood. Bill
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