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52993The Indivisible Unity

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Sep 1, 2010
      The Indivisible Unity

      Unity means joining, merging with, becoming and being it. Indivisible
      means that it cannot be separated from or broken down any more into
      something else or less than; no more extraction from it can happen, for
      if it did then it could not exist. Thus it is the absolute basic that
      it can be. I call the knowing in that Indivisible Unity by the name of

      Ever since I discovered that Indivisible Unity and the Psychognosis
      there many years ago then everything that I have ever done since that
      time of no time has been done for my SELF and the principle of BEING
      which it lives and knows there. That is to say that the personality
      lives for IT, my SELF, and what it IS, and not for the personality in
      space and time. It is the absolute principle of BEING.

      That nobody else, or at least very few people, have any idea of what I
      am talking about, in that Indivisible state of Being, then there is
      nothing which I can do about that. Either they know by having been
      there or they don't. If they know it then they can talk about it
      and describe it; but if they don't know it then they cannot. And
      that is the way that it is. But knowing it, then nothing else is
      needed. And when nothing else is needed then there comes the unity of
      all things, in Time and in Eternity; A Union of Essence, Principle and
      Form. It is done.


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