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52987The apolitical right

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  • William
    Aug 31, 2010
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      The firebrand Beck took his show to Washington DC . He tried to steal the civil rights movements thunder. There was just no similarity in the movements and so that did not stick.
      What came out was a plea for a return to jesus. You see the far right has no agenda they want their god to save them and they will just say no. Their intransience in the halls of congress has slowed any economic recovery. The stupid right wingers are again duped by the ultra rich and they vote against their own best interests in the name of god. They still believe in trickle down economics but nothing trickles down to them and the ultra rich keep their Bush tax cut. Seldom have so few fooled so many. So watch FOX and Murdoch will pollute your mind with hate and bad economics. Listen to Rush and you will not find out why you can`t get a job. Then go to Beck and pray .
      As I said in the previous post the new world order is theory. I remember Clinton was most impressed by the concepts but then Bush crushed the mechanisms of change and turned the country over to the hyper rich. I honestly fear it is too late and the US could fall. If we step back into the conservative quagmire I am sure we will come apart. So go vote these bible pounders out and give your country a fighting chance to save itself from disentigration. Just saying no is quitting and giving up to be with god is no answer. Look at the starving Pakistanis, they are praying too. Bill