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  • shadowed_statue
    Aug 4, 2010
      Bill, That is somewhat a new thought to me, that as a poet Kierkegaard has had much influence over me. Through his brilliant creative powers he presented Christianity in a way that shows some marked differences with what one encounters in the churches, as well as presenting ethical passion and individuality in a way I had encountered nowhere else. The combination of his dialectical acumen, his humour and humanity, and his appreciation of the ancients, was too much for me to assimilate with equilibrium, as though he was the dangerous one I was reading, not Nietzsche. Again, it is all personal responsibility, there is nothing else to rely on, and it may be quite some time before I can return to Kierkegaard's work. I still feel indebted to him as to one who helped teach me how to think. So thank you for your hospitable words, even as you keep on presenting the paradox of the solitary communicator. That is one truth that remains with me from SK, quite independent of any question of faith. Human life is a collision of opposites, in time. Louise

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      > > Am I stearing towards p-ost modernism, hardly not. Newton is sacred text to me. I certainly do not claim understanding of all his theories.I struggle to comprehend Uncle Albert but I keep learning more. Cosmic studies still enthrall me. An off course, pedestrian theory like existentialism has no long term survival potential. But pace is as yet not a crime. When a fine poet has the patience and decency to write to me,I recend the negatation of her favorite philosopher . May you see him as a poet and I see him as a priest?
      > > This is how people of minds should contribute. Bill
      > > Whoops, got an extra ta in there. Bill
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