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52672The festival

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  • William
    Jul 31, 2010
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      A different crew was in charge this year. The improvised bocce ball courts were a failure. The rain washed the sand out of the 2x10`s and the kids had to play in the grass.
      The music was opera and not Frank and Dino. There were Tshirts that said Mafia on them. That never happened on the south side.
      I introduced my wife to some of the old gang and she had heard of them and was impressed to meet the real thing.
      The food was just not as good. A lot of it was really not Italian. There were meatball sandwitches but no sauce and pasta dishes. There was greek food and Italian beef but no brazzoles. There were wandas but I never eat wandas.
      There were bank booths and phoney charities.There was a private"Corporate friends" area. All in all the event lost its old culture roots and was a civic imposter with the same old corporations running the show. The melting pot has diluted the authentic to a perfect blandness which signifies nothing.
      Tomorrow the local rag will rave about what a bigger,more grand event corporate Death Moan has provided for it`s lucky people. It is probable the whole thing was drempt up by an insurance company public relations department.
      Perhaps by next year I will have forgotten and go back for more phoney festival but I wish they would move it back where it belongs. Bill