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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Jul 2, 2010
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      If you have found something

      If you have found something about the deeper nature of yourself , first
      hand and direct (not from books or other people involved) then feel free
      to write it out (either email or word document) and place it on this
      archive - -


      It is not a discussion and debating forum it is just an archive. Just
      tell of what you have found thus far and what you have come to
      understand by way of it. Simple enough. There are some emails on it
      and some files in the files section. It is also quite new but I would
      like to get other peoples accounts of experience and what they learned
      on it. Psychognosis by the way means knowledge of self.

      There are two facets to this question of UNDERSTANDING. There is the
      understanding of our SELF and then there is the understanding of THAT
      WHICH ONE IS NOT. But you cannot know that which one is NOT until you
      first know that which one IS. So feel free to write about that to.

      The object to this exercise of course is to seek correlations of human
      experience and understanding.

      One cannot have any idea of other people experience and understanding
      unless they tell you. There is the view that some folks seem to adhere
      to that there is no such thing as TRUTH or a common reality which we all
      share. My own experience over the years tells me that this is NOT the
      case and that we all do share a common reality, but we don't all
      find the same bits of it at the same time. Also, it would be worth
      stating as to if you are happy for other people to make use of what you
      say elsewhere in their own studies. Please put your age, sex, and
      location on it.

      So, tell us of your experience and your existing understanding of what
      you ARE and what you are NOT. Spam will NOT infiltrate this archive. A
      project of this nature is perhaps just a pipe dream. But you don't
      know if you don't try.

      Thank you.

      Dick Richardson

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