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  • William
    Jun 3, 2010
      Today the NYT printed an article regarding the use of nuclear devices to seal run away wells. Some weeks ago I hinted at such a possibility and was ignored.
      It seems the soviet union used the method on four ocassions, three of the four worked.
      The NYT article speaks of political,environmental and geopolitical concerns regarding such an extremity.
      I do not want this, I am not asking for this but it seems time to consider something that could work.
      Conventional explosives would seem the first method but they will not fuse the rock and halt further leakage.
      Bp wants to save the well . As a corporation that may be the bottom line but knowing that, we need a more universal view and perspective.
      It is my sincere hope the top hat semi seal works but Bp will attempt to maintain control as long as they can make money from the well. They really do not care if it leaks as long as they get the lions share of the oil. They will lie about flow rates and environmental damage just as they have already done.
      I stand by my earlier ideas that this may be the only way to proceed and if I do not merit consideration so be it. I have said my piece and done my duty to my peers,those peers being you. WRH
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