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  • richard_pendarvis
    May 31, 2010
      Imagine this

      I have often made mention of the Limbo experience, and told at least one
      story of somebody whom I knew who had undergone this and then come
      straight back from that point. What are they going to think? That
      ultimately there is nothing, blackness, emptiness, zilch. But they are
      all too keen to overlook mentioning the fact that they were there
      experiencing this. So much for nothing then.

      However, there is an even better one, but I have never actually met
      anybody mentioning it. You remember that music made of light experiences
      during the consciousness expansion which I mentioned? It is indeed
      quite a mind blowing experience, and one of the best. But what would
      somebody think if they came straight back here from that? What would I
      have thought? I don't know. Is it a mystical experience or is it a
      psychic experience? To so many people any ODD experience is a mystical
      experience, and there is no talking them out of it. Seeing a `ghost' is
      a mystical experience, or telling fortunes with tea leaves in a cup :- )

      It was a part of the journey through the vortex of the psyche, that is
      for sure, so strictly speaking it is a psychic experience. BUT, it
      certainly has vast touches of the mystical about it. Sufi Whirling
      Dervishes maybe? Impossible to say, for they do not tell what it was
      like, and even though they sure can wax lyrical in poetic terms. But you
      can imagine how that (if that is what they are on about) expansion of
      consciousness would seem like if one came straight back into normal
      daily consciousness from there. Expanding into what? `godo'? A union
      with…. ? The Subconscious Mind is an amazing phenomenon. What can
      and what cannot go on in the psyche/subconscious? You cannot know as to
      what cannot go on but you sure can know as to what can go on :- )

      However, and either way, one finds very few people talking about either
      consciousness expansion or that kind of `dance' in music made of light.
      Let alone the shrinking again after it and then later annihilation. Why?

      You can well imagine cult followings on any kind of `odd' experience can
      you not. They hear something, or vaguely about it, and then arises the
      `I must have some of that', kind of thing.

      And once again this raises the question of guruing. And from that
      Exploitation. Oh you must have a guru to assist you for years, and years
      and years and years and years, etc. Because they have reached a stage of
      `purity' and `divinity', so you must repent of your wicked filthy ways
      and get godofied. Or goofyfied.

      People don't want or need mystics they should endeavour to become one,
      come to know all the bits, facets, layers, levels of ones self and the
      inner and outer dimensions of consciousness, and then get them working
      together. Holistic. Do religions and priestcraft talk about this? Does
      science talk about this? Does psychology talk about this? Do
      philosophers talk about this?

      And yet it is supposed to be the oldest question isn't it – `Here I
      am, so what is it all about'? And all the different cults have a
      different answer to it, and so adamant about it. Assumption is a very
      restricting thing isn't it.

      In our daily life on earth our conscious awareness via the external
      senses is plainly CLOSED down, limited, restricted; and hence we see
      what we see here the way that we see it here. And it is the best of the
      lot. Would you like to experience a tree as bunch of electrons? Would
      you want to spend your duration of existence in music made of light?
      Would you want to spend all your existence in the eternal paradesium
      beyond annihilation? No thank you very much. The most amazing
      experience of them all, daily life on earth, seems to be the most
      derided experience of all, and with so many of them wanting to opt out
      of it into `better' things. Oh they have a lot to learn!

      Oh, well, must go and feed the cats, they are always hassling for grub.
      Fun innit. They don't care if you look like an old wrinkled up bag of
      shit. You will not always have skin as smooth as a baby's bum, that is
      what living life does for you :- )) Well, for the machine anyway. And
      you will not always have skin at all. So enjoy it. But there you go,
      must feed the animals and then go and repent of my sins and destroy the
      wicked ego. Oh dear, they are a sad lot ain't they. Vinegar bottle

      Now, Mister Smith, I would like you to turn the car around in the road
      by use of forward and reverse gears and without hitting the kerb please.
      But if you get the vicar over there then you get ten extra points.


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