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51775The Domain of SELF

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  • richard_pendarvis
    May 31, 2010
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      No Thing Created and the Subconscious Mind
      You can speak of what you found, as can I. Of all the things which I
      discovered then the most amazing, mysterious, and incompressible, is the
      Subconscious Mind. Or more correctly stated as the Emanation of the
      Vortex of the Subconscious Mind. I passed right through it and out the
      other end of it – into No Thing Created. Why and how come? Pass!
      Maybe because I did not resist going there when the chance arose. I can
      think of no other serious explanation. But, either way, there I went.
      And I came back again, and thus the opportunity to tell of it.

      How can everything come from nothing? I doesn't. It comes from
      something. Something which is not issued forth, not created, owes no
      allegiance for its existence to any causation. NO THING CREATED. Get
      your head around it.

      What is conscious and aware in the ground of NO CREATED THING? I AM.
      That means ME. You have a `me' also. In the Beginning of BEING I am
      there, and unto the end. THAT is discovered to be the case, by existing
      IN IT. YOU chew the bones out of it, and try to disprove it. I, who is
      writing this, cannot prove it; but IT and going there will prove it. As
      it proved it to me, and I demand proof of anything and everything. And I
      got it by going there. Is there anything stopping you? Not that I care
      any more because I am through talking to human beings. It isn't worth
      the time and effort.

      Is the ground of NO THING CREATED conscious and aware of existing? When
      you go there then ask it. IT is STUFF. You can see it, you can see it
      all around you, it is very pretty. But it is I that KNOWS. It is I which
      is aware of being extant. It is I which is conscious there. That
      timeless paradesium is not me. I AM IN IT, and emanate from it. IT is
      not in me. But I am IN IT and aware of it. And I love it. And I love
      that part of me which exists there. The I AM, and it is ME ! You can
      take all your little academic writers on consciousness and flush them
      all down the loo in one go, for they do not know what they are talking
      and writing about, they are just inventing scenarios from their
      imagination and wishful thinking. They are kidding themselves that they
      are wise.

      Just as I exist here on earth in a body so too do I exist there in a
      body – the body of the stuff of NO CREATED THING. The stuff of
      Eternity; from before the emanation of the Vortex of Time and physical
      Space and the Vortex of the Subconscious Mind. It is there to find, so
      do what you will.

      That place is easy to understand when you have been there. I am easy to
      understand when one has been there. But can one understand it by proxy?
      That is for you to tell me, for I cannot know that because nobody had
      told me all this before I found it, and thence understood it.

      But there is something which I DON'T understand, even though I
      understand chunks of it, and that it the PIPE LINE between here and
      there – The Vortex of the Subconscious Mind.

      From that which I do know of it then I could write REAMS, books and
      books. But why bother? Who would hear it? Go there and find out for
      yourself, if ever you get time out from slagging other people off. We
      are living still in the age of gods, demons and superstitions and the
      bulk of humanity does not want to move on from there. Let them stay
      there. They will surely crucify you if you mention anything outside of
      their closed little box of awareness and understanding anyway. And then
      they say don't underestimate me and other people, when it is they
      themselves who are underestimating themselves and are in fear of what
      they don't yet know. IDIOTS !

      Homo Ensophicus will come.

      Best not tell anybody.

      Dick Richardson.

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