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51382Re: Apotheosis of Thought

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  • Jim
    Apr 2 1:30 PM
      Hi Polly,

      You write:

      "Now I hope you understand why I am not sure on your position. You say initially that you identify fully as your body and its thoughts, but now also that you are external to your body and its thoughts, you are able to transcend the conditionality of this body and select, using
      unspecified means that are independent of conditionality, a course of action for this body to take. So when you say "I choose", I no longer know what you mean, whether you mean that this body has chosen and you are aware of that, or whether you are an existential self external to the processes of this body, that is doing the choosing for it."

      The human animal is a self-regulating organism. If I cut my hand, my body as a whole acts to heal the damaged area.

      Just as I (=my body) have fingers and toes, I also have thoughts and desires. Just as my body as a whole works to keep my fingers and toes healthy and free from harm, I (=my body) self-regulate my thoughts, feelings, choices and actions. Second-order thoughts take first-order thoughts as their objects, and third-order thoughts take second-order thoughts as their objects.

      The whole is a unity – both as a unity self-regulating the bodily processes and as self-regulating the mental processes. For this reason, the whole exercises control of the parts, as you have yourself admitted:

      "If your claim is that your body is partially in control of your body, then I have no issues with that whatsoever." (Post 51304)

      This body is both conscious of its environment and also conscious of itself as in partial control of its self (its actions = its bodily movements) and its immediate environment. This body is responsible for its actions and is conscious of its responsibility for its actions.

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