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51374Popes and protons

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  • bhvwd
    Mar 31, 2010
      An ongoing phenomonology I pursue is a reduction of past thinking and a search for the new and better concepts.
      Kentucky is going after the Holy See. A name like "Holy See" is enough to put me in orbit and evedently some jurists in Kentucky also dislike that brand of cannonical arrogance. These lawyers want to subpoena the Popes records regarding pedophelia. What a novel idea,"What did he know and when did he know it"?If he wants to do business in this country he will need consider our laws. I would rather that he and his filthy church go back to europe and molest on the continent. Our childen do not need his input. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" seems operant as I am sure there is some clan strategy is behind this initiative. I would suggest a matched pair to the death on the floor of the collaseum.In the best outcome they would butcher each other. So much for retiring the past.
      In the present CERN is up and running and physics is back in the news. At three times previous energys collisions , we approach big bang conditions. Someone here thinks it impossible that these experiments could cause seismic phenomonia. We set on a hot mass of thermic iron. Spinning hadrons just over the core leaves some scientists to postulate possible,negative results. Others wonder about opening up black holes. No one really knows until we do it,and we are doing it. I cannot remember if it is the fifth or sixth bacturn thats end is coming in 2012. For your conspiracy followers out there this has got to twang your cymball. What does Ron Paul have to say about all this?WRH