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51124Re: [existlist] Re: Nihilism, Nietzsche and creating values

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  • Herman
    Mar 4, 2010
      HI Hb3g,

      On 5 March 2010 05:36, hb3g@... <hb3g@...> wrote:
      > Bravo!


      > Is the irrefutable conceivable? Certainly, we do think it. But, maybe, we can't think it coherently. And that is a red flag right there. What kind of existence would that be? What kind of a thinker would be a thinker that could truly think the irrefutable? Not a human one. That's for sure. But, probably, not even one that could ever exist at all. I suspect it hinges, in some subtle way, on freedom. But I don't quite get the connection yet. It isn't that we are free to be in error. Free to be mistaken. Entitled to our opinions. No. Not at all. Rather, error, or truth, either of those two things, would have no meaning, no VALUE, for a thinking kind of being if the that being's thinking were not susceptible to the risk of refutability, if nothing were truly being placed... on the line.
      > But, right now, I can think up a counter to my "no irrefutability" idea. What about math? Geometry? Good old Euclid?

      The good old Greeks stipulated that x=x and founded their math on it.
      (They also started of by insisting that all quantities could be
      expressed as rational numbers. They also maintained that the negation
      of a negation means something.)

      Indian thinking never suffered from the presupposition that x=x, and
      came up with a completely different worldview.

      So which one is irrefutable?

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