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51119Re: Nihilism, Nietzsche and creating values

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  • Jim
    Mar 3, 2010

      Yes, you make your point strongly and clearly. It is a shame that Nietzsche cannot be here to answer you himself!

      Perhaps he would say something like this: "The affirmation of life is MY value. My re-evaluation of all values comes down to this: for me, to say "Yes" to life is the base value, the ultimate good. Of course this is just my subjective value, through and through. I don't claim it is the right value for others. Others must re-evaluate all values for themselves, and their conclusions are as little binding on me, as my conclusions are on them."

      However, I also find a number of tensions in Nietzsche's thought. He does seem to write in places as if the `will to power' is some sort of scientific truth about nature, and science pertains, at least, to be an objective description (representation) of nature (reality). But, given his perspectivism, he cannot with any internal consistency, hold science to be any more objective than any superstition or prejudice, for example, theism. Or, has Nietzsche a way, within his outlook, to privilege science over superstitious nonsense?

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