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5056Re: Existentialism and dating

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  • Jim Aiden
    Dec 3, 2001
      << women are, on the whole, not rational beings, and the ones that
      are are often lesbians- >>

      I'm not going to shoot you down for this comment, but it does seem
      a rather simplistic approach. Rather I thought about it over the
      weekend and in true keeping with my 'beliefs' I approached it as
      a 'what if' truth.

      You see since I seem to believe that our sense of 'a priori' logic
      are the function of our emotions, and they of course a symptom of
      chemical reaction... then what you say almost makes sense. Men and
      women have slightly different chemical activity. What might seem
      logical or important to a man, might not seem so to a woman and vice

      Let me go off the road for a second......

      As someone that is into bodybuilding I often shave or wax most of
      my body free of hair. Despite all the easy jokes that surround such a
      supposedly feminine activity, I usually find the opposite sex by far
      prefers a well groomed man.

      I was watching this program on discovery on Sunday about mating
      habits (something that's been on my mind quite a bit the last week).
      One of the creatures they discussed was the Wolf Spider. Apparently
      the females of this species prefer males that have very hair legs.

      So here is my question (or answer?). There is no right or wrong
      logic to whether a female (or male for that matter) is correct. They
      simply are. The male is still somewhat dominate therefore female
      behavior is still deemed irratic. I do not think male behavior is any
      more rational unless one defines rational as young, 20th century,
      caucasion, urban professional male. Hmmm... Why stop even there?
      Let's forget middle class.... dominant social class.

      What I'm trying to say is I certainly don't understand most woman
      but then again I don't understand my own behavior too much. I don't
      view myself as particularily rational to some ideal standard. We each
      are rational to our own inner view of what is logical and our
      experiences. I know of no experts... only cute tricks (like Mensa). I
      do not think philosophical intelligence can be measured until a
      common agreement is found as to what that term encompasses.

      Is it rational for me to wax my chest or even bodybuild for that
      matter? Maybe, if my objective is to appear attractive to certain
      types of females. Is it rational that those thoughts should consume
      space in my mind? Depends who you talk to. The independent moralistic
      types might say it is a sign of a shallow individual. Personally I
      view it as I want to be able to be selective of a partner and
      maintaining an athletic physique makes that job that much easier. I'd
      prefer not to waste the two hours a day and 250 dollars a week in
      food on such trivial activity, but that seems the way of things.
      Having a suitable mate seems important enough to me. (Just as an
      aside... now that I've been doing it a while, I've discovered other
      maginal benefits like feeling healthy :)

      In the end, I can find no rationalism in wanting to be desirable.
      Or wanting to procreate. Or wanting anything for that matter. Desire
      is a function of my body (and mind) crying out to perform biological
      activity I was programmed to do. I imagine so that I may eventual
      succeed in procreation or at the very least help my society prosper.
      (Mind you the perception and reality are two different things.)

      We are still just somewhat evolved monkeys doing tricks so we can
      have our banana.

      Ouuu Ouuu Aaa Aaa



      --- In existlist@y..., awrybrewer@a... wrote:
      > Well, my friend it is time to step up to the essence building
      plate. You
      > know that choice is key. So deliberate and choose. If you
      compromise yourself
      > by being with her then welcome to the world of bad faith, not that
      that is a
      > bad thing all the time, but in human relation it could be a
      problem. I am
      > going to make an offensive and gross generalization, so if you wish
      not to be
      > offended send your inner child out of the room.
      > --women are, on the whole, not rational beings, and the ones that
      are are
      > often lesbians-
      > So do not try to understand her. Accept or reject. It maybe in
      time you
      > allow for the things that irk you about her, though I believe, that
      comes as
      > the beginning of love.
      > --Mark
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