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5046Re: [existlist] Re: Existentialism and dating

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  • stuart lu
    Dec 2, 2001
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      dating is different for each sex.

      the female probably need it because they feel the urge
      for dependance and a man in their lives who can offer
      protection and masculinity yet many women despise
      masculinity. most probably their internal urges
      require it in their lives. whether a lot or very
      then there is the possibility that they need men
      simply because they are carnal maniacs. they want sex
      whether it's with a beautiful man or an ugly. whatever
      has a dick

      the male most probably dates because he wants a woman
      for sex. He is not gay so he looks towards the
      opposite sex.
      yet some men do love a woman and will eventually meet
      the one they are supposed to be with.

      actually dating could be very subjective

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