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  • Herman
    Jan 8, 2010

      Hatred, like certainty, is a possible way of living one's moment, of
      being in situation. There isn't a need to live any moment in any
      particular way, yet each moment is lived with an attitude toward it.
      Whichever attitude is adopted from moment to moment becomes
      intelligible through, and indeed lays bare, an underlying value system
      that precedes the attitude. The adoption of the attitude is justified
      by the ethics that are in place. Does it need to be that way? As long
      as there is a meaningful distinction between an act and an event, I'd
      say yes. And whether an action is considered normal or not depends
      entirely on the value system of the group in the context of which that
      act takes place.

      Perhaps I am attempting to define, but that would be in an effort to
      "make intelligible". In that I am not alone. In fact, I doubt very
      much that any adult lives their moments without some attempt from time
      to time to causally connect the dots. One does not experience
      causation, one understands it. I don't need to have been there
      witnessing my parents copulating in order to understand that I am the
      fruit of their loins. And the same applies to them, and their parents
      etc, in a regression that has no beginning.

      Would you also agree that chemical processes are the foundation for
      pleasure and pain?


      2010/1/9 Mary <josephson45r@...>:
      > Polly, you write this with some certainty. Does hatred need to be justified? Is it normal, not normal? Aren't you attempting to define? Have you been there along the unwinding genome road? I suppose you can say you were the road and the terminus, but have you consciously experienced it all? I agree that chemical processes are the foundation of being, but that doesn't imply ethics. Mary
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, Herman <hhofmeister@...> wrote:
      >> I find it scary that we share the same planet, though I take some
      >> comfort from the thousands of miles of distance that separate us. I
      >> have never used acid in my life. Your inability to merely observe,
      >> coupled with the alacrity with which you find justifications for your
      >> hatred in every corner, are alarming.
      >> BTW, I don't negatively judge people who use chemical means to
      >> experience an altered state of mind.The very fact that it is possible
      >> to do so relies on the fact that there are receptors in the body for
      >> those chemicals. In the long and winding road of our genome there has
      >> never been a default state of consciousness. There have only been
      >> societies attempting to define by force what should variously be
      >> considered normal.
      >> Ho Hum. And so the dialectic rolls on.
      >> Polly
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