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50112Re: [existlist] Down the rabbit hole

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  • Herman
    Jan 1, 2010
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      2010/1/1 William <v.valleywestdental@...>:
      > If something bad,scary happens down the rabbit hole you would need be coached to go underground again. Or you just might get cubed and find yourself in a drug infested horror.That is what I would experience if I tried to go back and live in the bars. That others have had sucessful LSD experiences is not suprising. Drug tolerance builds with time used and dosage increase. Smoking more now but enjoying it less was a great Madison Ave question . Leary knew that but he pushed his cult. He deserved  his Harvard defrocking and >they should have shot him on the wire.

      This post reminds me that it is scary being alive. Although we are all
      fellow travellers, some travel less well with Others, especially so
      when their paradigm on their journey is also Other. Tim Leary was no
      threat to the well being of others; the suggestion that he should have
      been murdered leaves me frightened, but more determined to examine why
      such beliefs are tolerated.


      >  Lennon was said to keep a pint of acid around. That could be considered excessive. He could have cubed NYC.
      >  Now JFK was the true drug user. Years and years on opiates for intractable pain. Good usage, needed usage but build up of untoward effects was a problem. Speed my man,speed was the only answer. Dr. Robert and his vitamin shot was a needed guest.
      >  I listened to Leary when he was popular and then watched his progression to death. He reminded me of Fidel, an old revolutionary making long,boring speaches.
      >  So guys you will not get me on the Remember Tim donation list. What is the street price of microdot? Bill
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