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  • bartleyoreg@aol.com
    Dec 1, 2009
      When Lincoln was President he often had problems sleeping, one of his sleepless nights he woke up one of his secretaries to go review clemency requests. These were request mainly from union solider's that were appealing a death sentence. The requests would have letters from the solider's family, friends, ministers writing about that the solider was a good person that made a mistake and deserted another chance. Lincoln of course was the last hope for these men. As he reviewed the requests he found one that had no letters of support, he asked his secretary if this man had no friends, the secretary answered It appears not Mr. President. Mr. Lincoln then said he has one, and put his request on pile of sentences he was going to pardon. Lincoln was not a man that was religious certainly not in the way that Mr. Huckabee is, but Lincoln acted out of you he is. He had to make a decision and that decision came from within him. I think like anyone that has to make that decision it comes from you were are, we may put that decision is religious or existentialism terms but I think the decision shows our character.
      I feel bad for Huckabee, I think he acted out of what he believed was compassion, sadly the decisions turned out to be very tragic. Was Huckabee's decision any more illogical then Lincoln's?

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      As Mary has noted science may be wrong or only partially right but in the system there is always a chance for reversal or recalculation of theory. Existentialism shares that most laudable trait as a change of situation can change the existential perspective.
      Ideology does not operate within that framework. Ideology is driven by belief, belief is ruled by god and only gods messangers can reveal changed ideology.
      So we come to the Rev. Gov. Huckabee. He believed in deleverance and he believed in repentance and he let a loathsome killer out of custody because the govenors faith dictated clemancy. The man was a convicted
      felon doing ninty years for multiple crimes.
      Huckabee takes"total responsibility" in his statement concerning the matter but does he proceed to jesus as the originator of this foolishness? I have heard nothing of that sort. This is another argument for total separation of church and state as jesus cannot be brought to justice. There is no accountability in ideological conjecture just another appeal to the diety for guidance.
      I think this tragic story should remove The Rev.Huckabee from consideration for further executive authority. It also stands as a bulwork for the concept of strict separation of the theological from governmental matters. The ideological are dangerous because their thinking is skewed by the illogic. Bill

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