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  • Mary
    Nov 3, 2009
      Bill, as a human being, I'm never surprised that a woman is as equally capable of poor judgment as a man. I am not absolutely opposed to a woman being submissive and supportive of a man, so long as it's a good man. I also think a man is as capable of a Nietzschean virtue as any woman! In this case the virtue is to reevaluate power from a woman's perspective, something even he couldn't pull off. Mary

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:
      > I just read the updated story of my cousen. She is a political force here. We can communicate but do not. She is showing direction to her political fights of which there have been many. I was often on the opposite side and many of my lawyer frinds have her cleat prints all over their backs. She is an interesting study as a new kind of civic leader. Years ago a political friend said of her"She gives good lunch but no one knows what she wants or where she is going".She is not that big a mystery if you follow the money. She took money from insurance intersts and she paid off. It is a lot like hitting a horse. She is no longer a long shot as she runs unopposed.
      > Other women will notice her as her neo feminist agenda is particularly attractive to women. DesMoines has long been a womans town, with the WACS here in WW2. Now it is insurance which is women heavy with heavy women. Men have their last bastion on the south side as we have been driven across the river by the good people of insurance. These people have created hive like societies of business. Poke a part of it and the warrior bees rush out and sting you in the most personal of places.
      > I prefer to remember a great man ,Forest Evecheski. He played with Tommy Harmon and coached at IOWA. Alex Karras admits to being scared of the coach.He was a big fierce man with wild eyes and an explosive personalty. The neo feminists would attempt to peck any such male to bits should he survive today. I set with a fraternity brother who is very weak. When I spoke of the good old days he silently wept. He claimed he was choaking on the roast beef. I know he was just mourning his prior life. The fighting, the skiing, the drinking and the adventure have been abolished by time and turds. Here the new women of iron are in charge, knock yourselves out girls. Bill
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