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  • tom
    Oct 1, 2009

      I agree wholeheartedly with you there. That is my point that as religions become institutionalized they will tend to transform themselves into public relations tools for the dominant powers. Most people prefer to avoid crucifictions, burnings at the stake etc. I have heard it said that in medieval times if heresies broke out and there were many reports of helings etc., the Inquisition would get busy. If the new schools of thought were not making many breakthroughs, the popes, cardinals etc would just let it die of its own weakness. As long as a rigid dogma upholds the political, economic and social structures, heresy is seen by all these powers as a danger to them being perceived as ordained by God. The Holy Roman Empire was justified to the masses on the basis that the Pope received his authority from God, and in turn passed it down to kings, lords etc. When Henry the 8th broke with Rome, the new mindset was substituting the king and in his daughter's case the queen for the pope to create more nationalism.

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      > The original ideas were the product of a person looking within for truth, but in a short time they become creeds that are substitutes for introspection.

      Tom, I guess this is how I feel about people's unofficial religions, including all that "working class hero" sort of stuff. The trouble with original ideas is that they often lead to a massed assault on the originator, which may take a very civilised form, such as a jury trial and a dose of hemlock, or a well-organised auto-da-fe. Or, coming closer to the present, a camp for purposes of re-education. As Solzhenitsyn pointed out, the peoples of the West will only learn about totalitarian ideas by hard experience. Louise

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