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  • tom
    Oct 1, 2009
      Tom, Your views on religion are consistent, and often annoying. The idea of an erotic relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalen is so ludicrous it destroys the inner meaning of the faith. Fairly obviously, we are not going to make progress by discussing this point, because your focus is on a generalised sweep of historic institutions, and mine is the Kierkegaardian theme of the single believer, an existential endeavour that does not bow to the needs of potentates and princes.

      The idea of the an erotic relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdelin has a number of adherants. Some believe they had children together. As for not bowing to the needs of potentates and princes, any organized religion had to make some alliance with these princes to avoid persecution etc. Jesus was an example of someone whose visions clashed so much with the existing power structure that he got crucified. Interesting that by the time Christianity had become the state religion of Rome, instead of being crucified or thrown to the lions, institutionalized Christianity took to killing gnostics. I believe the gnostics were much more in line with the original teachings than the institutionalized church. Of course gnostics like Quakers a thousand or more years later believed in looking within to the inner light for guidance rather than following blindly creeds passed on by institutionalized religion.


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