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49300OTE. Where is the Dingle Peninsula

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  • rwr
    Oct 1, 2009
      OTE. Where is the Dingle Peninsula

      (OTE of course stands for Off Topic Email).

      Bloody Academics !!!

      A little true story.

      My wife's brother was here yesterday to visit his mum in the ga-ga
      factory home in which they have placed her near here; Wincanton (Wivvy)
      near Exmoor. (he was one of the two guys in the back of the taxi in
      Barum when I met my wife who was 19 at the time – The Rose of
      Dartford in Kent) He and his Irish wife both teach at Limerick
      University (where she comes from). Neither of them can write Limericks
      or other poetry by the way :- ) He has always taught advanced computer
      technology and she teaches Micro Biology and lectures all over the world
      on it. And very interesting all that stuff is of course, and important
      work too. (they met up a Welsh mountain by the way – DON'T pick
      anything up on a Welsh mountain and bring it home with you; just leave
      it there). It was when they were both teaching in the USA for a number
      of years and had a vast pad of a home on a private beach at Long Island
      that whilst on a visit to us his wife said that there was no poverty and
      deprivation or lack of education in the USA ! We all nearly threw up on
      our dinner plate on hearing that ! When my wife's father was dying
      and in so much pain with angina she told him not to worry is it is all
      in the mind so forget about it – she was nearly kicked out of the
      house – had I been there she would have been. So, he just imagined
      that he felt like crap and that he died, and in so much pain. We all,
      and the doctors, also imagined that he was dead too; so we imagined that
      we buried him nonetheless – and it was at the funeral that my
      youngest child was born :- ) Maybe I imagined her too.

      I have been invited to their place in Ireland many times, but I will not
      go because they don't allow smoking anywhere near their house –
      plus I don't like the Irish psyche one jot, so many of them are
      still living in the fifteeth century and still fighting those religious
      and political wars there – idiots ! Genes that have not moved on
      much I guess.

      However, this morning whilst making a coffee I saw that he had brought
      over an Irish newspaper with him – so I said Ker-Riced, I did not
      know they could read yet (just to throw shit in the fan) but he laughed
      and said yes some of them can a bit. But on the front page there was a
      small plain map of Ireland. I pointed to the bit that hangs out on the
      west coast like a finger pointing toward America, the most westerly
      point of Ireland, and said that is one place I would want to see if ever
      I went there, the Dingle Peninsula near your home. He lives just outside
      of Limerick just up the road a bit from there.

      He said no that is not the Dingle Peninsula, for the Dingle is down here
      – and pointing to the south coast near Cork. So I said that they
      must have moved the damn thing for it used to be up there just west of
      the town of Tralee where the best song comes from. Oh, no no no no, he
      said, it has always been down near Cork. Well, he is into computers all
      day after all and not real life as we odd-balls are :- )

      Oh well folks, just check out a map – even thick bozos like me with
      no education can do that. Oh yes, and that reminds me, the Song, The
      Rose of Tralee, just like that other wonderful song Shenandoah from the
      colonies, I have never yet heard either of them sung right – I can
      sing them both better myself than anyone that I have ever yet heard sing
      them. Not a bad voice either ( I have sung in a couple of choirs for a
      short while – love singing good songs). And you really ought to
      read the story of the writing of that song, it is one of the most tragic
      stories I have ever read. It made me cry dammit.






      Dick Richardson – a miss-tick, NOT an Academic.

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