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  • bhvwd
    Sep 30, 2009
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      Tom, I had heard of provisions of the patroit act that were covert and now as I look into Fusion Centers I must rethink my acquiesance to the Act. Now I find out that Paul Wolfwhitz has had a good deal to do with these programs. He is the prime author of the blunder into Iraq and a fierce neocon infighter. With the Iraq war winding down and future Afgan planning in progress it may be time to reevaluate some of the fruits of the Wolfwhitz era structure. I find tentacles of the surveillance network imbedded in right wing business concerns, the Air Force and numerous police entities. Sunshine is a good remedy for such covert political activity. Are fusion centers still worth while since we now know legitimate political activities were targeted? I think it is now an open question. Bill
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