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  • bhvwd
    Sep 4, 2009
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      Louise, Scotland has some nasty mountains but at our age they are not recommended. Knot might understand Camus and the inanity of life. Is useless, drugerous labor better than death? Obviously not, as we keep pushing the rock.
      It is better for me if I have some goal and now that the gods are banished I can concoct any number of pleasantries to garnish my inane journey. I find I fit nicely in this cosmos as long as the crudeness of mad beliefs is kept on leash.
      So I pick a mountain to scale and often pay great prices for my entertainment. I would never ask you to join in something as off purpose for you. In three weeks I will be back on the dangerous Red boat. It is just another mountain to distract me from endless push of the boulder. When I am not suffering the gods are not appeased. It is dangerous to affront the gods and their followers. But the ocassioinal summit gives a short meaning to this dull journey.
      I understang all the talk of crazy sport does little for you. I still have regard for you . I no longer scale mountains but as a metaphore of this greater life I am often drawn back if only in reverie. It might be better if I spoke of the seedy and poisonous politics that infects this country. No, that is worse than the lost ramblings of an old climber. You know Louise, there are old climbers and bold climbers but there are no old, bold climbers. Bill