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48900Long live culture!

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  • shadowed_statue
    Sep 2, 2009
      What the heck was I thinking of, in post 48891, to suggest that Americans at the list were misapprehending the significance of UK history and cultures for the fact that they lack experience personally of British contemporary life? No, this is a brew made of the philosophically unexamined categories of mental health science, and the controversies of national politics.

      The list's themes are existential and phenomenological, and there should not be any place here for medical biography. A disgusting thought. Better simply to leave behind the fall-out of mental torture in its unassuming communal setting, and state as clearly as possible my own philosophically-based beliefs insofar as they stand in relation to the world of actual politics.

      Since I have been gradually convinced by the arguments of racial nationalists, that race is a real concept, though still hardly discussed at a serious level, and that nation is a myth needful to a sense of belonging, if the full truth about difference be allowed into consciousness, then as a racial nationalist in my thinking, it is my own creed that I must earn respect by the conduct of my life, and ensure that my words and deeds match up. Whether or no I ever contribute in a significant way to discussions about race, society, politics and economics, the fact is that simply in my everyday life I wish to epxress what it means to me to be English.

      First and foremost, I am a human being, in need of the wisdom that will enable me to recognise the humanity of others, which includes the taking of precaution against the shady intents of those who are up to no good. Secondly, I am a kind of political animal, an unusual species, a most rigorous liberal, and the way other people entirely misread me and make false attributions leads me into dangerous paths, where all kinds of delusion ensnare the mind.

      In spite of my disclaimer in post 48857, surely my revolutionary dreams are of relevance to others, precisely because they concern the authenticity of perception and will. The subjectivity of this authentic striving is my own, and accordingly not prescriptive for anyone else, but it is as subjective selves that human beings encounter one another, on the internet as in any other context. Is subjectivity still truth, in a world of communist discourse? Too complex a philosophical question for me, at this juncture. Make the simple statements, at any rate. I repudiate all the politics of terrorism. It is in the dream of the British Empire that I put my trust. I have a long way to go before my feelings may become sufficiently peaceable to honour this liberal and democratic vision. Not to be confused with the projects of parliamentary representatives. Ballot boxes are not to be found in the madhouse.

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