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  • bhvwd
    Sep 1, 2009
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      > > > Game playing is one thing, some seem to enjoy it. I just chased a cocoa puf outa my keyboard and that is about as playful as I get.
      > > > When you can`t shut the game off, or worse the game is real and you can`t shut it off, thats good stuff. I think it is called a problem. I think we have several of those.
      > > > Survival logic would look for the greatest threat and attempt to mitigate or deny its effects. That is ,of course, after you have stopped your plunge from the cliff, secured yourself, and checked to see if you still have your limbs. So you move to saftey and secure water and food and you prepair for the next call. Life calling,baby,bring your boots. Bill
      > > >Some of the thoughts in that last post were exposed to my by the writings of Ted Kennedy. He climbed and his writings about the experience are very good. It`s that Harvard thing, again, I hope.
      > >I saw a former climbing partner today. Richard and I did crystal peak with a backpack assault. His sciatica is being treated . He`s a great jock and won`t quit. Thats what we all say. Richard was good and got his peaks. Ted had unlimited resources to equip his climbs. We had the grace periods on our Mastercards. I have skied the Matterhorn and just looking at the summet can give you vertigo. Teddy climbed it . Richard came after Dean who saved my life . I was loured by the mountains. I was scared of them but just wanted to go up them. We went out there trying to communicate with war resisters. We were both in the NG and we thought of it as a mission. We actually found the dudes et all, way the hell up on Mt. Evans. They wanted our women and we did not want theirs. Only two of us climbed and we were lost in a white out. That started it all and I began scrounging for equiptment.
      >I find a connection between Camus and mountaineering. His every man character pushes the rock up hill only to need renew the labor over and over again. The victim was being punished by the gods and we are punished because there are no gods. All we have is this life and we toil to survive, that is what there is to it, that is the meaning.
      So you climb the mountain , you come down and decide what to climb next. At least we sometimes have choice in the next objective. I understand many people need more than that to stay alive. They make it up , a reason to live.
      Scrounging mountain equiptment is easy if you had a sponser. I found a way to let the government help me with that. Soon I was waiting at the trail head of the Wheeler Pack Trail ,waiting for my climbing partner. He never showed, his wife would not let him go. So I went alone.
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