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  • dick.richardson@ymail.com
    Aug 1, 2009
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      Without any shadow of doubt rhyming verse is one of the best ways of
      reaching deep into many people; whilst without reams of prose writing;
      which may be boring for many in this day and age of all rush and instant
      gratification. How this is done and how it works then don't know.
      Maybe it is something to do with short musical stances, metres, with
      words (meaning) attached to the rhythm – which is ingrained deep
      into the psyche plainly enough. The rhythm opens the gate and the words
      carry the message down deep there inside.

      So, if you have something to say, and if short of time for saying it,
      then try rhyming verse. It is quick, easy, and very effective, and it
      can and does sow seeds in fertile ground. And maybe even in cracks in
      rocks at times :- )

      That it works is not a matter of conjecture. It does work. I never had
      any interest in poetry, let alone writing it; but just another of those
      things which life inflicts on one at times. It would have been the very
      last thing on my mind – ever. But there you go. It is said by many
      that poetry does not go down well in this day age, and to some extent
      that is true in consensus terms in the boozer. But there IS a big
      audience for it nonetheless, and maybe growing. Also, given what life is
      like today with so little time to oneself, then there is a good chance
      of it becoming more popular over the next century at least. So, give it
      some thought. I know well enough that it can have one hell of a reaction
      and effect. If you say that you cannot do it then my reply is rubbish.
      Just start doing it and work at it; it will come and fall into place. It
      also gets ones brain working and keeps it fit; as well as other peoples.
      You may cause waves in time to come. You don't know until you try.
      Never give up. Well, not whilst alive here anyway.


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