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  • eupraxis@aol.com
    Jul 3, 2009
      Dick: If we don't like them we chop their heads off you see.

      Response: ...And then always put in another one. To my knowledge, England is the only land to have a revolution to put a king IN!  Still, I do like Hobbes.


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      If you ask me a serious question then I will answer it seriously –

      IF I know the answer. My fields are few but they go deep. They are

      Psychology and BEING, Politics, Chess, Music, Teaching, Selling, and

      Writing. Pretty well anything else I have nothing of any worth to say


      It only takes one person to give any nation a bad reputation madam, but

      irrespective of that there is your own Integrity and Dignity to take

      care of.

      Happy Independence day to you ma'am (and all other Americans here)

      but as I am English is means nothing to me. I am glad you are free of

      ancient Monarchy. So are we mate. If we don't like them we chop

      their heads off you see. We don't fuck about in England.

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      > Well, hon, when you begin to answer even one of your own questions,

      I'll be a d
      ead American.


      > I'm hardly significant enough to damage the entire reputation of the

      U.S. I am however, taking off to celebrate my former and new

      independence/s. Such an "unbearable lightness."


      > Happy Independence Day!


      > Mary


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