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  • mary.josie59
    Jul 3 8:00 AM
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      Okay, grandpa, sounds reasonable. Are your questions genuine or rhetorical?

      You could begin by DISCRETELY defining the concepts of inner, real, and being, and not merely through their opposites, because I certainly can't. I know my limitations.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "dick.richardson@..." <dick.richardson@...> wrote:

      The Inner (existential) Experience.

      So where shall we begin? One ought really to begin with how real inner
      experience really is. And where the inner really begins. It is a good
      starting point on this question of BEING.


      > Tell me what you have learned here Mary? :- ) All you will learn here
      > is bad language and tomfollerly kiddo.
      > Dick
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "mary.josie59" <mary.josie59@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > I've learned more here at existlist from our contributors Bill,
      > Louise, Knott, Wil, and Biggie than you'll ever pretend to know. You
      > blather and dither and blither on about here and provide no
      > existentialist input from any recognizable corpus. We've done the hard
      > work here doing all the things you so self-righteously lecture us about.
      > If you aren't willing to unlearn your self-proclaimed wisdom, why should
      > we? If you aren't willing to read the existlist "book" why should we
      > read you, oh mighty windbag. You preach and teach and pontificate as if
      > you know what right's for everybody. That's impossible. There, that's
      > what I know about you.
      > >
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