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48575The questioning Mario

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  • bhvwd
    Jun 30, 2009
      This has never been a self help group. Not much advice is given, existentialism does not work like that. Like Mary noted you want to hold on to your god blanket. You are a bit old to have the rebellious energy to begin existentialism. There is a lot to learn and a great deal of it might mess you up pretty badly. You think you are lonely and confused read some Schopenhauer and really get into Ne itchy. If you aren`t depressed that should do it. Existentialism is nitro philosophy, I have seen it blow many a mind, especially if you don`t get it right. A guy named Heidegger ,who was damn smart, messed it up and ended being partially responsible for Nazism. It is tricky , cold and very compelling. You start this and it may finish you.
      I have been at it for forty years and it has been more guns than roses. You can lose friends because you see them is such a different light. You see I cannot tell you what existentialism might do to you. It will deal with you individually. The regulars in this group have survived a very competitive environment for many years. I have seen all be less than pleasant. This is not at all like religion, you can`t buy your way in . I know you can read your way in and you can write your way in. The writing can be painful.
      So Mario, be cool, think clearly and try to do the best thing. Bill
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