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    Jun 3, 2009
      On Jun 02, 2009, at 19:44, devogney wrote:

      > Like you say in other parts of post, there is often the belief that
      > both candidates are largely controlled by the same corporate
      > interests,therefore many people are dissatisfied but cynical that
      > either candidate will attempt to correct the areas that they find
      > unsatisfactory.

      Not even controlled by corporate interests. I often wonder, why would
      anyone want to be a governor, a senator, or national leader? It seems
      that some level of self-delusion is necessary to think you have better
      answers or any answers at all...

      Think about what we expect of our leaders. They're supposed to know /
      comprehend everything from scientific information to advanced macro
      economics. The best leaders listen to experts, but even that means you
      have to have an education well beyond what most leaders possess. It is
      a paradox: I want a president, a senator, a prime minister, etc. much
      smarter and wiser than the masses -- but I also have a mild respect
      for the rights of the masses to be heard.

      Of course, I don't understand the appeal of many professions that have
      to deal with the public mood and shifting fancies.

      I struggle with an inherent elitism versus democratic / republican
      ideals. Do I trust the "average man" and his/her voting after watching
      the mess that is California, with its version of hyper-democracy? I
      like the republican model of not always letting the herd lead us off a
      cliff. Yet, that makes me feel like an elitist snob. (I also feel that
      way walking through a county fair or shopping at any major retailer.)

      > As for as Fox News and the various Clear Channel jocks...

      I cannot comment on Sean -- he annoys me more than Michael Savage, who
      at least is so over the top you feel like you're in on the joke. Ten
      minutes of Sean is enough for me to cringe and switch over to classic
      rock or classical music.

      Not sure how many are still under Clear Channel, either. Sean is owned
      by Citadel, but Premier (a CC company) does distribute his show. Randi
      Rhodes is also Clear Channel, as are several previous "Air America"
      personalities. The odder mix is Salem Communications. Salem owns
      "Townhall.com" along with various magazines, blogs, radio stations,
      and a huge syndication system.

      Fox is all about money. Rupert Murdoch, quoting Michael Wolff, cares
      only about money. If Air America or MSNBC made millions, Murdoch would
      emulate them within days.

      I guess people like those talking heads. I definitely prefer to be
      entertained by mysteries on television, old-time radio shows, and
      classic rock. More than an hour or two of talk radio and I can sense
      my IQ dropping and brain locking.

      The shows I ddid like where all out of San Francisco. They were as
      much about entertainment and fun topics as they were about politics.
      I'd rather hear a show on "best Bay Area Burger" -- information I can
      really use.

      - C. S. Wyatt
      I am what I am at this moment, not what I was and certainly not all
      that I shall be.
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