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48308Re: Perspectivism follows existentialism

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  • bhvwd
    Jun 1 11:34 PM
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:
      > Wil, The prior powers repeatedly soils itself in a screaming agony of self delusion. Isn`t it great! I envision them with big electrodes up their rumps as they hammer away on the pulse button.
      > We have fought from our fox holes for so long I fear crawling out. Now we need rethink, reform our perspectives as our long fostered nihilism needs to retool into a positive engine of change.
      > Certainly the repositioning began for me with the epic battle between Hilary and Obama. Now that you and I own 60% of GM I would say your socialist agenda is well on its way. I do not know if you are right but I am buying in before it gets too expensive. I want back what Bush Chaney took from me. "Don`t get mad, get even" , a hero of mine said that and I sense a revival of his open and active life. I think bankruptcy and reorganisation to be superior to revolution. For a socialist this must be a most strange twist. I will call you commissar,chairman of the board. Bill
      >Like the big jet from Rio Just lost in the night. Cilda said extraterrestral, I say no. Big weather at the equator got the pretty bird. All good things to the surviviors of this untimely accident. A long and timely flight is interdicted. Is this the beach to the bull ring. Tell us or we will wine board you > Bill
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