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47947The mystery

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  • bhvwd
    Apr 29 2:13 PM
      One explanation of the high mortality rates in Mexico is that auxiliary medical care in developing nations is less effective than in first world states. That is a possible explanation but is not proven. I am listening to the WHO meeting in Geneva and they have gone to a level 5 alert.
      The Mexican deaths seem to be from pneumonia secondary to the viral infection. The virus is little changed from place to place. That is good news if you have good medical support but in the third world it is a possible death sentence to many.
      Now the WHO is talking about breaking patents on anti viral drugs and so politics is very much in the mix.
      There is no vaccine for this virus and useful antivirals only diminish symptoms and shorten duration of the infection. Other antibiotics are used to treat secondary infections.
      The level 5 alert means we should expect a world wide pandemic, soon. The WHO does not know what the supply of antivirals might be.
      Rumors are rampant such as that the Huston death was an illegal immigrant from Mexico. I understand he was just a visitor.
      I spend half my waking life in a surgical mask and still manage to get every damn virus that rolls around. I use strong anti microbial hand cleaners several times a day and I have little faith they will do much good. If you find out any relevant information please post up. Bill
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