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47267consciousness is all about time and temporality

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  • vjsimms73
    Mar 3, 2009
      "consciousness is all about time and temporality. Finite time.
      temporality. Yes. There is no other kind".

      How can you categorically say there is no other kind of consciousness
      and conscious existence but temporal consciousness when you have not
      known any other kind? For millennia, and even up to this day, thousands
      of people have claimed to have experienced non temporal consciousness,
      and described what it is like to some extent. So why are you right and
      they all wrong? Does that not come across as a bit conceited and know
      it all? Their claim to the correctness of their experience is just as
      valid as yours is. It may well be true that you have no experience of
      non temporal consciousness, and it may well be true that all those who
      claim that they have is also true. Why would they all invent the same

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