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47248Re: Freedom versus determinism

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  • mary.josie59
    Mar 1, 2009
      In existentialist terms, choice carries moral/ethical consequences.
      Responsibility & freedom underpinnings and all that, according to
      Sartre et al. We often feel we could not act otherwise, when we know
      that we could have. We actually had a choice. We didn't want to live
      with the consequences. There's nothing wrong with that. Some choose
      differently, and that's where others want to tell us, we chose
      wrongly. The existential way is solitary, because we can't, don't
      need, or want to justify our decisions. Freedom and free will are not
      the same. Determinism and fate are not the same. We don't have to love
      our mistakes, or our intentions, but they do have consequences which
      are never as simple or obvious as the laws of physics.

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