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47246Religions, the seed of their own Destruction.

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  • vjsimms73
    Mar 1, 2009
      Religions, the seed of their own Destruction.

      I am not in the mood now to go into details, and I have done all that in
      the past, and how. But just to pick up on a recent point about the USA
      being an irony of contradiction. Long live America by the way ! And the
      longer you live here then the more you learn – usually anyway.

      BUT, with regard to the plain obvious fact that the USA is the most
      brainwashed and fundamentalist nation on earth, whilst also being the
      place of most of the worlds real intelligence and activity right now,
      then I can only reiterate something which I said and wrote back in the
      sixties - - that because it is so closed minded and fundamentalist is
      the very reason that so many are waking up there. Stupidity does
      contain the seed of its own destruction in terms of BEING and religions
      – let alone fundamentalist forms of it.

      It all becomes so bloody ridiculous and plainly not true that folks pick
      up their bed and walk from the pews of the devils pulpit and the
      spiritual mafia brigade of morons. Even back then I said that the USA
      is the place that this will happen first – because it is like what
      it is like and they will rebel from it first. Africa will probably be
      the last place.

      It is not going to happen in England or Europe for the problem of
      fundamentalist religions is nothing like as endemic and wide spread, and
      most just laugh at it and walk on without even giving thought to it all
      and as to what is really going on. So it could not happen here. But in
      the USA there is a revolution waiting to revolt – in a big way. For
      the need to do it is THERE. Long live America.

      Hitler once said that Germany would rule Europe, and England would rule
      the world beyond Europe. Wrong in all cases. And people will rule the
      world – eventually. Those who have woken up and demand justice and
      egalitarianism. When there is enough of them to make a big noise. I love
      fundamentalist religion – for it saves me doing the job of
      destroying them – its destruction is a built in phenomena :- )))))

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