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  • bhvwd
    Feb 1, 2009
      Wil, Of course you could make no sense of that post, it was a
      stream of thought collage. Mood wise I was in Innsbruck in a saloon
      frequented by Sartre. I have been there and it smells like an
      ancient bar.Those had to be great times with the european open
      discourse still ope rant from the French Revolution. A professor of
      philosophy could hold forth against ann comers and defend his
      intellectual turf. It could be bawdy but Sartre could hold sway
      within the exchanges.
      I imagine Sartre looking like, proceeding like Leto the gambler
      in the Leto Shuffle. "Headed for the border line ,going for broke" ,
      that is Sartre style, Leto style, Savate style, Dartanion style,
      liberty style.
      I said I would write like a wine soaked Sartre and that was my
      crude approximation. Listen to the Free wheeling Bob Dylan and the
      mood of skepticism pushes out. So, when we began to approach Sartre
      I just got carried away and wrote what I was thinking about.
      Birmingham relates to Louise as I understand there is a argument
      about linguistics and the proper use of the apostrophe. I could see
      Louise right in the center of that discussion. Getting her ass
      arrested for insubordination and generally raising hell. Wil, can you
      as yet see any correlations? It is a mood piece like take five and
      except for the profanity was written without known malice. many in
      this group could be labeled as undifferentiated but that would be an
      error ,there can be great eccentricities held concurrently. It is
      like holding lit dynamite, you can only hold it for so long. The
      wonderful piece "The Juggler" as drawn and painted by Picasso flits
      into my head and I may go back to Austria and smell that salon. I
      will try to tone it down,NOT. Bill