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  • bhvwd
    Dec 31, 2008
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "C. S. Wyatt" <existlist1@...>
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "mary.josie59" <mary.josie59@>
      > >
      > > Wil, it's taken about 10,000 years to create the mess humanity
      has created.
      > For a time, I imagined that if we could remove religion from the
      equation we might reduce
      > this "mess" created by humanity. Then, I realized that much like
      the South Park episode,
      > the various "Darwinists" would fight over something new. Study
      after study shows that
      > social groups "tip" towards polarization once the population is
      larger than 150 individuals.
      > We don't know why, but it happens even among the Amish -- so they
      split into new
      > groups at that size.
      > Something in mankind, I don't know what, makes us want to protect
      and defend our small
      > social community. We develop tribes and groups, even at school or
      work. Heck, even in the
      > various non-profits I work with, we split into yet new groups and
      fight horrible fights that
      > destroy families.
      > Autism Speaks vs. Autism Society of America vs. DAN! vs.... and so
      on. No one can agree
      > on a direction for more than a few days, then the fights become
      literally violent. Yes, I
      > have seen parents turn physically aggressive at conventions and
      meetings, especially on
      > issues of cause or treatment. The violence indicates something in
      humans -- something
      > sadly innate.
      > I study a lot about political events and neuropsychology. There's
      something being called
      > "escalation theory." Two sides see the other as escalating the
      conflict. Each response, a
      > slight notch more aggressive, is perceived as an equal response to
      the enemy. Escalation
      > continues, until there is either defeat of the "enemy" or a
      stalemate. We even see this when
      > students try to explain away cheating on tests -- "The other
      students cheated on
      > homework, so I had to cheat on this test." It's a need to justify
      what we would normally
      > consider immoral choices.
      > This is also why we need laws, regulations, and even mediators /
      courts. Of course, we
      > have to agree to those limitations or they have no influence on
      humanity. (Witness the
      > uselessness of the United Nations -- as long as one nation ignores
      choices, no nation is
      > bound by them. Of course, I also think the U.N. is not legitimate,
      but that's a different
      > matter.)
      > If you and I agree to settle conflicts in court, with words instead
      of bombs, that's a major
      > step ahead. But those systems need respect and true authority.
      > Also, we will probably always have sociopaths, narcissists, and
      other "abnormal
      > personalities" willing to do anything without guilt. It doesn't
      matter what type of social,
      > economic, or political order you have -- a sociopath by definition
      can charm his or her
      > way into power... and we know what happens then.
      > Humanity, it seems, has had and will always have some monsters.
      Sadly, just enough of
      > those monsters gain power and influence over people.
      > (I'd make a comment about the risks of "American Idol Democracy" --
      but I just saw a
      > music video of Putin that was apparently the number one song in
      Russia this year. "I want
      > a man like Putin." Wow... can't imagine "I want a man like Bush."
      MSNBC put the shirtless
      > Obama next to the shirtless Putin. This is our world.)
      > - CSW
      > Going back to sleep... so I can ignore human stupidity.
      >CSW, when you come to, sing to James Talors new release, "Wichataw
      Lineman" . If you got any talent the effect is spontaneus. Bill
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