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  • jimstuart51
    Dec 8, 2008
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      Thank you for your thoughtful and informative post. Let me comment on
      a couple of the sections from your post:

      Aija: not really interested in race issues, as i don't see how anyone
      actually conversant with modern genetic DNA research can be a racist.
      racism is outdated bad science and the cumulative result of
      colonialist thought (maybe also a specialized result of elitist or
      wanna-be ruling class thinking).

      Jim: Racism may indeed be "outdated bad science," but there is still
      quite a lot of it about, particularly amongst those without a
      scientific education. I am only interested in racism to the extent
      that I think there is still work to be done, both intellectual and
      practical, to eliminate it.

      Aija: i don't see racism as necessarily connected to nationalism at
      all. nationalism, as most things, may be either destructive and
      hateful of others or a positive unifying force which respects the
      positive nationalism of others.

      Jim: It would be nice if nationalism were predominantly "a positive
      unifying force which respects the positive nationalism of others."
      However my own experience is that it is usually "destructive and
      hateful of others." Perhaps, if like the Finns, we can learn from
      history, then nationalism can be a force for good. Perhaps each of us
      can be proud of our nation's greatest achievements, whilst
      acknowledging our nation's worst behaviour (both past and present).
      Unfortunately the propaganda apparatus in most countries manages to
      portray the nation as always in the right. Further, individuals seem
      to have a strong subconscious desire to convince themselves that
      their social group (i.e. their nation) is the good guys. Also, in
      most countries at most times, it is considered unpatriotic to
      question the correctness of one's nation's foreign policy.

      What you write about "father right and sexual purity" is most
      interesting. I agree that those societies where pagan traditions
      dominated seem to have emerged in a more healthy state than those
      where Christian attitudes predominated. In Britain, Christian moral
      attitudes are the biggest hindrance to genuine ethical progress.

      Finally, the article on Iceland was interesting, although I wonder to
      what extent the recent catastrophic failure of the Icelandic banks
      will change things. Also, for a bleaker view of Iceland, I recommend
      the film "Jar City" (Iceland 2008 Dir Baltasar Kormakur).

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