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  • louise
    Dec 1, 2008
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "tom" <tsmith17_midsouth1@...>
      > Louise,
      > Most of my friends are white like myself, but I have some friends
      of all races. I'm sure there are millions if not hundreds of millions
      of people of various races that I would identify much more with than
      guys like George Bush, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Shaun Hannity etc.
      who are probably from a similar Anglo Saxon stock as myself. As for
      anti-Semitism, like everything it's partly based on truth, and partly
      on lies. Since medieval times, Jews were literate when most of our
      ancestors couldn't read. They tended to be the shopkeepers, and money
      lenders; and much of anti-Semitism has been based on the resentment
      of workers against the owning class. In many cases I'm sure their
      resentment was justified, and in many other cases it wasn't. But anti-
      Semitism is at least partially based on the resentment of the
      proletariat for the more prosperous and educated bougeois. It's
      interesting that Jewish people have been so highly represented as
      capitalists as well as communists. As for anti-Semitism as it
      developed in Nazi Germany, the very fact that due to their
      international sympathies due to family loyalties that crossed borders
      as well as their high intelligance and literacy, they would not
      readily blend into a national mass to follow the Fuhrer.
      > The West has been crippled by a corrosive and corrupt ideology-
      > morality that causes our political-intellectual elites to declare
      > themselves in sympathy with, and in support of, the very elements
      > boldly proclaim their goal to be the destruction of the West. ~
      > Certainly the politically elites of the last 8 years in the US have
      not been very sympathetic to the elements that proclaim their goal to
      destroy us. One of the main reasons they want to destroy us is the
      intrusion of western powers [mainly the US but also UK and I guess
      some others] into their territories. As Ron Paul asked in the
      Republican debate in 07"How would we like it if China was building
      many huge military bases in Panama like the US is building in the
      > Tom

      Tom, My feelings of concern or even of desperation, for many years,
      was entirely about the full experience of existing, which includes a
      sense of what I see happening about me, my pride of ancestry, of what
      the greatest men and women of my nation have achieved, and, following
      upon all this, a wish to die with the hope kept alive, that this kind
      of civilisation, which has nourished me, should continue. So it is
      not a matter of identifying with particular individuals who are of
      the same racial stock as myself. That is not what I mean by racial
      awareness. Personally, I sometimes find it unwelcome if the racial
      origin of any person I was interacting with should be the most
      prominent factor in my consciousness, and mostly, I don't really find
      my inward experience is like that, except when I am in poetic mood,
      and the physical beauty of the different racial types is part of
      one's field of vision. It's quite difficult to explain. Actually, I
      am getting a sense of transition at the moment, that the mental
      censorship and ignorance concerning racial factors with which I was
      raised, at home and school and among my peers, is lifting, and a
      simple pleasure and pride at seeing and hearing a particular
      individual (on tv, for instance) does allow for a feeling of kinship
      rather new to me. However, in presenting these quotations, I wanted
      to draw attention to my belief that it is quite legitimate, and,
      indeed, urgent, that nothing should be excluded from the spectrum of
      truths to which our thoughts have access. To neglect or obstruct
      honest statement, to obstruct the dissemination of knowledge, is
      contentious, to say the least, and can be most culpable. The factor
      of race is important in considerations of public policy. Of that I
      have no doubt. The controversy of anti-Semitism is most specific,
      and charged with an intensity of feeling that would require a
      separate e-mail, if I were to begin an attempt to think about it in a
      measured way. Louise
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      > From: louise
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      > Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2008 8:18 PM
      > Subject: [existlist] lets play guess the source
      > ~ No one must lightly dismiss the question of race. It is the key
      > world history and it is precisely for this reason that written
      > so often lacks clarity - it is written by people who do not
      > the race question and what belongs to it. Language and religion
      do not
      > make a race, only blood does that. ~
      > ~ The failure of the powerful and wealthy Jewish American
      community to
      > launch one objective scholarly study of the causes of anti-
      Semitism is
      > significant. Neither the religious nor the lay leaders of the
      > Jewish organisations wish to lose this potent weapon. Remove
      > and lose adherents to the faith ... This is the conspiracy of the
      > rabbinate, Jewish nationalists and other leaders of organised
      Jewry to
      > keep the problems of prejudice alive. ~
      > ~ The West has been crippled by a corrosive and corrupt ideology-
      > morality that causes our political-intellectual elites to declare
      > themselves in sympathy with, and in support of, the very elements
      > boldly proclaim their goal to be the destruction of the West. ~
      > Salon Activist
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