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45848A few thoughts an English writer might call her own

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  • louise
    Nov 30, 2008
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      To be a racist is to love ONE'S OWN RACE. The biological term for the
      white race is Europid, which comprises several subdivisions. For
      Europid peoples, nation and a conception of civilisation go hand in
      hand with race, at least for the racially aware and patriotic. My
      sense of how the European conception of race is influential for peoples
      other than Europid, or how Europid people themselves abandon the
      concept of nation entirely, in favour of exclusive loyalty to family,
      for instance, is vague in the extreme.
      My impressions regarding class warfare are much more of a personal
      nature. What comes most vividly to notice is the anger and hatred that
      may be found simmering so close beneath the surface in peoples of
      various classes. From my own experience, I would say that those most
      likely to give way to physical violence (in public) are mainly the
      disaffected poor or unemployed, the teenage and young twenties'
      children of working-class parents, more and less prosperous, the
      brutalised and the depressed.