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45448Re: [existlist] Re: Pleated sheets Mr. Presidente!

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  • eupraxis@aol.com
    Nov 6, 2008

      "While in essence I can almost agree, yet there is a definition: "egoist - a
      conceited and self-centered person" which I think is inexact."

      Response: The terms are used variously by folks, but my understanding is that
      "egotism" denotes conceit, while egoism denotes something like a
      philosophical position. Max Stirner was an egoist, for example.
      "... or you ... misinterpret for your own good."

      Response: That too.
      "... I'd have to think highly of self and likely consistently, rather than
      just one who seems possibly isolated entirely."

      Response: I have always called that egoism.
      "... Last night insane things were going on in a theater where this woman was
      servicing fellows in front of authority without qualm, and then the authority
      itself...and then I woke up from that dream to this one, and I become

      Response: I would have felt gypped.
      "So that is my understanding, and now you can tell me why I am wrong. Mostly
      I always am."

      Response: All that I can tell you is that I exist. And if I am mistaken in
      that, as some have suggested in so-called cognitive science, I still affirm that
      parallax error as my real life, notwithstanding.


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