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  • tom
    Nov 1, 2008
      I guess there has more often than not been a big gap between the reality of people's feelings, actions, and values and what is most sellable. Obviously, politicians try to be as many things to many people as possible. Authenticity is only feasible when acceptance is not a high priority or under unusual circumstances when a person's feelings, thoughts, actions and values do happen to coincide with those of the people to be sold or persuaded.Machiavelli said something to the affect that in order to obtain, maintain, and expand power, power had to be number one priority. He said it was fine for a prince to be compassionate, generous, truthful etc as long as so doing didnt undermine the primary value of power acquisition and maintenance. If it did, then by what we'd now call the law of natural selection other politicians who put power number one will take over.

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      I think there were basically two general themes which I remember from studying Existentialism: Death and Authenticity.

      There seems to be some kind of basic contradiction in the lives of a great number of people. We go through great lengths examining such things as gold and diamonds and works of Art and facts of Science and paper money, in an effort to determine their authenticity (realness) and to prevent any counterfeiting, Yet we take great pride in our own lives that we are able to put on masks and appear as something we are not. We take great pride in being fakes and counterfeits. Why is this?

      Is it simply a case of the Real vs Phony, the Philosopher vs Sophist? Are Real people just hopeless Romantics, Romeos and Juliets, heading for a sad ending? Is Reality just an illusion? Are Realists headed for a great disillusionment? Is Life just "The Greatest Show on Earth?" Is this "The Reality?"

      Your Friendly Philosopher,

      Bob T


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