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45403Re: Secular humanism ahead

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  • bhvwd
    Oct 31, 2008
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@...>
      > There are just a few days more for the children of gods to pull
      > fat from the fire. Thay have had things their way for so long
      they do
      > not remember a level playing field let alone an uphill battle for
      > gain they might envision.
      > So how much progress did the christian right stifle? Certainly in
      > housing the right wing has put the lower class back many years in
      > search for decent, affordable housing. They held out the carrot of
      > better life with sub prime financing and now have snatched it away
      > with foreclosure.
      > In international affairs the hard line put forward by Bush has
      > us with two unwinable wars and the loathing of much of the free
      > We have killed and been killed for two stalemate situations
      > attributable to the neocon iconoclasts who would rather fight than
      > talk.
      > Perhaps one area of loss may turn out to be gain as civil rights
      > being newly promoted in the backlash against the stiff necked
      > christians. Voting rights are an important part of this political
      > season and we will soon see if there will be a fair and clean
      > In an overall look the bible pounders can look forward to an
      end to
      > their time in power and secularism can return to take us back to
      > progressive path into the future. I would not answer the question
      > CSW refused to answer about post modernism as the term is very ill
      > defined. I think political correctness has been used as a tool of
      > right and will be abandoned along with the neocon
      > lexicon of faith based initiatives. I see nothing there of any
      > practical use and think the right will need to reform under some
      > banner with a new political agenda. In the time we win we must set
      > aside the foolishness of faith based regression and move forward to
      > more free and liberal society. All the things we have made war
      > can be reexamined in a secular and pragmatic light. The christian
      > warriors can take a rest. Bill
      >It is time for the swift boat attacks. The thrust of one argument is
      that Obama is anti semitic . You will have to make up your own mind.
      I am watching the triumphant return home for sen Ted Stevens. His
      supporters are cheering him wildly. The man was just convicted of
      multiple felonies but refuses to accept the verdict. It is this sort
      of fantastic thinking that seems one encounters after serious
      reversals in life expectations. I think this strange acting out
      shows serious self delusion. They think many will buy these
      prefabricated lies. I hope not but the behavior of the great middle
      has been abominable in the past eight years. They have drifted toward
      religion, militarism and social conservative thinking while
      rejecting modernist ideals and scientific probabilities.
      When will we see this false perception challenged. Why does Sen,
      Stevens get to insult the court that convicted him by saying he is
      not convicted? The democrat running against Libby Dole has backed
      down from Libby`s atheist attack and proclaims her belief in god. Kay
      Hagan has the weak spine of a politician and Libby is a sick old
      woman. I guess it is good Libby is running down but what good will
      the courageous Kay be in office. Kay and Ted could get together and
      pork out a bridge to god. Sen Craig could launch the bridge to god
      from under the lavatory wall of his choice. Throw the self deluded
      creeps out and return rational government to this country. The world
      is watching. Obama just spoke a few miles from here. The sky did not
      fall, devils did not spring from the earth. He is appearing with
      politicians I have known and voted for all my life. They are not
      bloody pagan priests they are quiet reflective people of sound mind
      and positive purpose. I went to school with many of these people and
      they are of above average intelligence, normal Americans.
      The truth is all I am selling. The mad religous right is squirming
      in death throws. I hope it dies on Tuesday.
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