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  • Rose Lieberman
    Oct 3, 2008
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      Hello. My name is Rose, I'm 60, I live in rural upstate New York.

      I have no background in philosophy. My first exposure to existentialism was in catholic high school and I immediately read The Plague. Not a clue! But there was something about existentialism that struck a chord. Now, more than a few decades later, I am just beginning to understand what that chord was.

      And before anyone gets all excited, I know being depressed or suffering from depression doesn't make one an existentialist, but I do believe that my longstanding depression - now pretty much history - was not just a biochemical process. It was also a reflection of the deepening awareness of the disparity between the romanticised propaganda I was raised in and what, for me, was real. I do believe a sort of depression follows when one doesn't have the tools to deal with that epiphany, or even the academic knowledge to give one the words.

      In any event, here I am, at 60, finally understanding certain things about myself, about my perceptions, and above all, the driving force of reason or rationality that's been the source of dread and burgeoning sense of freedom - to use, perhaps incorrectly, some of the words I'm coming across in investigating existentialism.

      On another note, I looked at this group's FAQ, in the definitions section and I have two comments or suggestions. If they are inappropriate, please help me understand. That's what I'm here for, after all.

      1. Under nihilism, perhaps at the end of that definition, you could put "Compare anarchy." Because it sounded like anarchy to me and then when I went to anarchy, it pretty much sounded the same as nihilism.

      2. Under nausea, could you define within the explanation of nausea, the word solipsistic, or, perhaps, add the word solipsism to the lexicon.

      QUESTION: Oh, and could you please explain what solipsism is to me. My Collegiate dictionary isn't helping.

      QUESTION: Also, if anyone could suggest some "easy" forays into learning more about existentialism and nihilism and, perhaps, philosophy, in general.

      Even though I am out of my depth in this group, I'm glad to be here.


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