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  • louise
    Sep 3, 2008
      In reply to Chris at existlist #45116, I wrote:

      "Rather I have the impression that your own unexamined feelings leave
      you in ignorance of the implications of your beliefs."

      Again, the fatigue that results from my being drawn into battles that
      are not in my view on existential ground, has led me into a
      carelessness of statement. The idea, the passion, of examining one's
      existence, from Socrates to Nietzsche, concerns concepts and
      valuations, which though they may shape and involve feeling, are not
      themselves feelings. I should have written:

      " ... your own unexamined valuations leave you in ignorance of the
      basis for your belief-system and hamper your understanding of its
      implications for other lives."

      However, like Bill, I do not consider myself any kind of an
      evangelist for existentialism. Live and let live, is my credo here.
      I write as an individual member, the truth as I understand it to be.

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