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44931Re: A short episode in the pursuit of truth, or, how society fails to work

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  • louise
    Aug 8, 2008
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      The least I can do is to clarify what amounts to a seriously
      misleading characterisation of my position. Christian monotheism,
      which provides an intellectual framework for my subjective,
      philosophical passions, demands of me that I love my neighbour as
      myself. It is a binding requirement, not a choice. As such, it is
      impossible that my liberalism constitutes a set of values only for
      and among whites like myself. To be sure, I believe that justice for
      individuals is best assured within the traditional structures
      afforded by national sovereignty or tribal kingship, or any other
      autonomously-determined system of rule, and am not in favour of
      military interventions that fail to ask basic questions about
      national interest. I think that is to the benefit of all mankind, of
      whatever race. My willingness to listen to those who advocate
      repatriation on grounds of race, and to indicate my support for their
      endeavours peaceably to obtain freedom of speech, is not at all to
      say that I personally advocate repatriation. I understand their
      arguments to be based on the belief that only by securing homelands
      exclusively for Aryan peoples may the survival of the race be
      assured. In other words, the policy of repatriation in such a
      context is justified by similar argument to those employed in cases
      of war - a matter of self-defence. Now, again, personally, I have
      not been convinced by any creed of biological racial imperatives.
      The physical race is a substrate. If the race abandons its cultural
      heritage, I cease to feel any sense of belonging. My own passion is
      for the continuance of European civilisation, of which the UK forms a
      part. I find racism to be a daft word, like sexism, but it is part
      of the vocabulary of modern discourse, and there is little point in
      wishing it away.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eupraxis@... wrote:
      > Louise,
      > I really would rather not have gotten back into all of this,
      but ...
      > forced repatriation of races not your own is by definition
      > Unless you have changed your mind recently, you are a liberal only
      > and among whites like yourself. By modern standards, that won't do.
      > authoritarian political structures that you have battled with, such
      > they may have been, do not give you any special dispensation on
      > topic. Racism is unsupportable, except within its own perspective,
      > which is racist. So in order to make racism philosophically
      > and moral, you have to make the case for racism, which I would
      > you NOT do.
      > Finally, your linkage of God and race is not unusual, which is one
      > reason why I deplore both concepts.
      > Wil
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      > Subject: [existlist] Re: A short episode in the pursuit of truth,
      > how society fails to work
      > I find this mildly outrageous. Having battled all my adult life as a
      > liberal, in face of increasingly authoritarian political structures
      > in the Western world, your characterisation of myself
      as 'intolerant'
      > is a bit rich. There is such a thing as violence in this world, my
      > friend. I argue peaceably for free speech. Louise
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