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44929Re: A short episode in the pursuit of truth, or, how society fails to work

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  • a_living_breathing_being
    Aug 7, 2008
      Nitai said: "Logic and reason are not objective, they are colored by
      our own desires. I absolutely do believe in objective reality, but it
      is not ascertained via the whimsy of our minds. Arguably, a deity in
      the sky is more rational than making a deity of one's own reasoning
      capacity...at least we don't have experience of the "sky-god's"

      albb: I see the discussion thread is still moving along on the
      subject of God; a persistent meme that is not easily banished by the
      scorn of atheist rantings. I apologized for not knowing the source,
      but Pascal said "the heart has reasons the mind knows nothing of." (I
      would like to know the source if anyone knows)

      In the Tameri lexicon, I found a useful definition for Subjective -
      "nothing is certain, it is all opinion, bias, and prejudice": Which
      raises the issue as to why anyone, either atheist or believer could
      be so glaringly confident in whether God is or is not a point of
      valid concern. I reaffirm my freedom and decision to believe in God
      as a private indiviudal, but that does not mean I have checked my
      brains in at the temple door. For me, faith is hypothetic, not
      factual. I am a product of both reason and a sacred tradition;
      however I am mainly interested in the direct personal experience; so
      within my lived-life it becomes less and less about the language of
      reason or even religious language, but more about the fluid
      spontaneous interpersonal experience that Martin Buber described as
      the I-thou relationship. What occurs in the intersubjective
      relationship is a very powerful event. Existentialism is overly
      preoccupied with the pity, misery and fate of the self-absorbed
      individual, in a bleak dark world that defys explanation; and IMHO
      less focused upon the I-thou intimacy and fulfillment of being-with-
      others (mit-dasein);which is at the heart of my own happiness;
      fleeting as it is.

      thank you for your post
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